What is a dropped Ceiling?

What is a dropped Ceiling?

dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung beneath the principle (structural) ceiling. It might even be known as a drop ceilingT-bar ceilingfalse ceilingsuspended ceilinggrid ceilingdrop in ceilingdrop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles and is a staple of contemporary building and structure in each residential and business functions.

Historical past

Dropped ceilings and ceiling tiles have been being utilized in Japan for aesthetic causes as early because the Muromachi Interval (1337 to 1573).[1] Blackfriars Theater in London, England, in-built 1596, had dropped ceilings to assist acoustics.[2]

U. S. Patent No. 1,470,728 for contemporary aluminum ceiling tiles was utilized for by E. E. Corridor on Might 28, 1919 and granted on October 16, 1923.[3] Initially fashionable dropped ceilings have been constructed utilizing interlocking tiles and the one manner to offer entry for restore or inspection of the world above the tiles was by beginning on the fringe of the ceiling, or at a chosen “key tile”, after which eradicating contiguous tiles one by one till the specified place of entry was reached. As soon as the restore or inspection was accomplished, the tiles needed to be reinstalled. This course of could possibly be very time-consuming and costly. On September eight, 1958 Donald A. Brown of Westlake, Ohio filed for a patent for Accessible Suspended Ceiling Development. This invention supplied suspended ceiling building through which entry could readily be obtained at any desired location. Patent Quantity US 2,984,946 A was granted on Might 23, 1961.[4] Brown has generally been credited as being the inventor of the dropped ceiling [5] though different patents preceded his as proven within the desk beneath.

U. S. Dropped Ceiling Patents to September eight, 1958
Date Filed Patent No. Applicant Title Feedback
05/28/1919 1,470,728 Corridor Suspended Ceiling
09/03/1931 1,931,574 Danielson Suspended Ceiling Hanger
10/24/1950 2,710,679 Bibb, Remmen, Bibb Suspended Ceiling Development First totally developed grid system idea
12/13/1955 2,816,623 Wong Modular Ceiling First integration of tiles and grid. Wong based Cepco Manufacturing, an organization now absorbed into Ceilume, a division of Empire West, Inc.
05/11/1956 2,896,752 Wilde Suspended Ceiling Grid Development
07/31/1956 2,894,291 Sorenson Suspended Ceiling System
10/25/1956 2,895,180 Byssing Suspended Ceiling
02/07/1958 2,963,251 Fuss Supporting Electrical Lighting Fixture from Suspended Ceiling Framework
09/08/1958 2,984,946 Brown Accessible Suspended Ceiling

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