Types of personnel services

Types of personnel services

Staffing is said to be one of the most critical functions of the manager. It includes several other activities such as:

Consider outsourcing to hire external experts

Determine what human resources are needed in terms of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes for specific roles, jobs, and tasks

Recruit the necessary human resources (sourcing, placing ads, etc.)

Select candidates

Selection of candidates

Equip new employees with training, tasks, and facilities

Personnel must be performed with care in accordance with the personnel policies designed and approved at the workplace. There are different types of personnel services offered by personnel companies, among which:

Temporary staff service

By name, this suggests that temporary staff only serve the short-term needs of the placement organizations. It helps companies fill the vacancies of their absent employees or integrate existing staff during periods of high work pressure. It also enables companies to meet their professional challenges with minimal use of overhead in human resources and avoiding lengthy recruitment and appraisal processes. The huge cost savings associated with temporary staffing make it an attractive substitute for permanent employment.

Long Term Staffing Service / Project

Long-term personnel services cover the management of employees in long-term appointments, with no specific period. The need for long-term personnel services is generally observed in the professional and technical fields, where candidates are required depending on the project to be carried out. It makes more sense and value for companies to hire project applicants on a permanent basis.

Temporary Staffing Service / Contract to be hired

This type of personnel service is a mix of temporary and permanent staff. The Temporary Permanent Recruitment Service allows a client company to take an employee on a temporary basis for evaluation purposes. If the employee meets his requirements, he can take the employee to his payroll. The temporary to permanent service offers the company a safe substitute for permanent hiring and also helps the company to assess the management potential and skills of the employee in question.

Most recruitment companies offer all of these types of recruitment services. There are even staffing Portland that offer other personnel services than those mentioned above.

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